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National take-back day is tomorrow, April 28

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When was the last time you took inventory of the Percocet pills lingering in your medicine cabinet since the back surgery you had in the ’00s? Now, consider all the opportunities your acquaintances, neighbors, even kids have had to get their hands on them since then.

Tomorrow, take them to any Las Vegas Metro Police station, North Las Vegas police station, Henderson Police station, Boulder City police station, Paiute Tribal Police station or Nellis Air Force Base PX and turn them in, no questions asked. It’s part of the Drug Enforcement Administration‘s National Take-Back Initiative.

What’s that all about? Recall the story about prescription drug abuse I did recently for Las Vegas CityLife, the Pill Wars. In it, I mentioned the high percentage of prescription drugs that the government estimates come from friends and family, with or without their knowing it. Take-back is a way of getting those drugs outside the reach of abusers and dealers.

In fact, you can turn in your unused prescription drugs all year round at Metro stations, which are equipped with lobby drop-boxes to offer anonymity. But take-back day kind of makes it stick in your mind, like a holiday.

Don’t flush them down the toilet (the snails in Lake Mead don’t want them). Don’t follow your cousin’s cockamamie advice and bury them (the plants and water table don’t want them; plus, that doesn’t destroy them). Take them to the police tomorrow. Conscience: clear.


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